Why Work With Resolution Audio Video?


WE WANT YOU TO LOVE MUSIC AND FILM not just like it. To prove that we guarantee you’ll be blown away by our products or we’ll refund your $. It’s not OK with us that you’re simply satisfied with your purchase. We want to exceed your expectations and for you to be thrilled with our products and service.

Owned and operated by a forty-year industry veteran, Resolution Audio Video is not your average audio store. Our staff is experienced and highly knowledgeable about the latest cutting edge technology in music and film. We’re not average and neither are our products.

We offer synergy between components. This means the products we carry are meant to work together.

Many stores only carry a few brands. It’s not really possible to achieve the best quality in sound and video if you can’t match the strengths of a lot of different products. Some stores claim to sell many brands when in reality they are only selling items actually distributed by the same company. (Great for the retailer, but bad for the consumer.)

At Resolution Audio Video you’ll find we sell many high end brands from a large selection of well-regarded companies.

We’re the best at helping you find components that work well together to achieve the best possible results in music and video. Why settle for less than perfection?

Store policy regarding returns, exchanges and upgrades

Unlike some other retailers that may only give consumers 7 days to make a return or receive a refund, Resolution Audio Video handles things differently. We value our customers and offer the following:

  • Refunds 30 days: You can take as much time as you need to make an informed decision. High end products require time to break in. 3 – 4 weeks should be enough time; however if you require more time, simply call the store and request a longer period.
  • If you’d rather not own the product, it simply needs to be returned in its original box with manuals and accessories intact for a full refund. The refund will be paid back in the same manner as the original purchase.
  • Exchanges: Resolution Audio Video will allow you up to 60 days to exchange the product. If you spend more exchanging an item for something else, you pay the difference. If you spend less you get the difference back as a refund. The same conditions for a return apply. You must bring the item back in its original box with manuals and all accessories intact.
  • One year speaker trade –up: You have one year to get what you paid for your first speaker purchase. Most stores only allow a trade up if you spend twice the first amount on new speakers. At Resolution Audio Video, you only have to spend 50% more of your original speaker purchase to receive a full credit for the first purchase price. Here’s how it works: if you spent $100 on speakers, you would only need to spend $150 to receive a full credit for the first purchase price. This credit would be applied to the total purchase price of your new set of speakers.

Price Guarantee

We don’t ever want you to feel like you’ve overpaid for any of our products. If you’ve made a purchase from Resolution Audio Video and you see the same product advertised from an authorized dealer for less money (including our store) we will refund you that difference. This offer is limited to brick and mortar stores only.