Welcome to Resolution Audio Video

Resolution Audio Video offers the finest in audio and video components from around the world. Our store is equipped with five large sound and home theater rooms to easily demonstrate our products. We are passionate audiophiles and we are ready to help you understand how to create a great audio and theater experience in your own home. Come in to our store in beautiful downtown Ballard.

We Welcome Wavelength Audio

Wavelength Audio makes the finest USB DACS product on earth. We now have them in stock!

What People Say About Us

“I settle into the chair, fully expecting to be blasted away by Korn or the Rolling Stones, as I would be in virtually any other stereo shop in Seattle. But a remarkable thing happens: The speakers issue forth Sarah Vaughan, and damn if I’m not in the room with her. I can hear her breathe in between verses; I can hear the faint report of the strings hitting the wood of the upright bass. The speakers are perfectly ‘neutral,’ a word that Resolution’s proprietor defines as ‘sounding like it’s not there.’ . . . I have never experienced a more relaxed and more truthful sell than the one Larry Israel gives. He will clean and play any records you bring in, talks up his stock in synesthetic terms (‘this one will give you lots of flavor’) and steers you away from expensive gear to the more modestly priced stuff without being asked to do so. He genuinely cares about your ears and what goes into them, but he doesn’t want to empty your wallet in the process.” – Geoff Carter, NW Source

“I have begun rebuilding a system using digital files ripped from CDs as the source. Larry and his team have been kind, patient and most of all, reminding me that it is about the music. I forgot what it was like to have that feeling of escape and just being moved by the artist.” – Patrick Murray

“. . . I bought some carefully selected equipment from Larry twenty-plus years ago in San Francisco. When I wandered into his shop in Ballard at random a few months ago, I was thrilled to find that it was owned and run by the one stereo guy who had dramatically stood out from the crowd in all my years of stereo shopping. When our amplifier kicked the bucket recently, Larry guided us – patiently, over the course of several visits – to an outstanding unit, and we couldn’t be happier; my wife and I plugged it in last night and were simply transfixed by how much better the sound was than before. He did a great job of helping us find that perfect crossover between our budget and a truly pleasing musical experience. He’s a great guy, and he really knows his stuff.” – Geoffrey Creighton

“I appreciate the soft sell that Larry and his staff offer. It makes it easy to listen to the different components and pick which works – considering sound and budget. Too many stores try to upsell you – you don’t get that from Larry.” – David Baer